Village 88's vision is to incubate and launch businesses that bring positive impact to the world. Since 2011, Village 88 has incubated Coding Dojo, Data Compass, Focus Tracker, and helped start numerous start-ups including Alumnify, SpotTrender, MatrixDS, and others.

  • Coding Dojo Website Picture

    Coding Dojo was founded in 2012. Its first campus opened in Mountain View, CA, U.S.A. Then later campuses were opened in Bellevue Washington, Burbank California, Oakland California, Chicago Illinois, Washington DC, Tulsa Arizona, Dallas Texas, Boise Idaho, and Orance County California. Coding Dojo offers various coding curriculum to help people learn how to code in a fully immersive setting. Coding Dojo's learn platform, CRM, its website, and various tools were all built by the Village 88 team.

  • Data Compass Website Picture

    Data Compass is an assessment platform where hiring managers can know the Programming IQ of their developer candidates. Data Compass outperforms the market by achieving concurrent criterion validation for its Programming IQ assessment. In psychometrics, concurrent criterion validation refers to a comparison between the measure in question and an outcome assessed at the same time. Data Compass completed its concurrent criterion validation study in March 2019.

  • Focus Tracker Website Picture

    Focus Tracker is one of the pride of Village88. It's an effective tool to better track employee's worktime, velocity, and productivity. It can track clockin, clockout, time of break, and late hours, as well as which employees are going extra miles. Focus Tracker also allows employers to see all emplyees data according to date: last week data, or last month, and even last year . It's an effective tool for time and productivity tracking.

Our villagers, Our family

Get to know the villagers who complete our awesome family

  • Michael Choi Picture Michael Choi Picture

    Michael Choi (Founder)

    My life mission is to help people. I believe I can do this and contribute to the world by hacking education and leading the thoughts around 'lean education.' What excites me about Village88 is how we can continue creating products to help people.

  • John Supsupin Picture John Supsupin Picture

    John Supsupin (Co-Founder, Engineering)

    I have been in the village for almost ten years now. I have learned things far from what I had expected and is grateful for it. The village is my second family, The people I work with are my very best friends. The office is our playground and the journey is our reward.

  • Jan Dreau Ganggangan Picture Jan Dreau Ganggangan Picture

    Jan Dreau Ganggangan (Software Engineer)

    We may not be the right people, YET, but being part of the Village is a journey. We are part of it every day; we are a part of this family. We will someday find ourselves filling in the right roles at the right time. Let us have fun becoming so.

  • Mark Abi Guillen Picture Mark Abi Guillen Picture

    Mark Abi Jireh Guillen (Software Engineer)

    Being in the village taught me the importance of people, culture, time, respect, and hard work. The first one being the most important, because, without people, there's no such thing as a company or at least in our own language "village."

  • Christopher Padua Picture Christopher Padua Picture

    Christopher Jon-Jon Padua(Senior Software Engineer)

    Village88 never lets you cease learning but teaches you new stuff that makes you grow day by day. For the past years, we have experienced ups and downs, but we strived and kept moving forward. In Village88, you are not just an employee but a family. We are one.

  • Noah Jerreel Guillen Picture Noah Jerreel Guillen Picture

    Noah Jerreel Guillen (Senior Software Engineer)

    Village88 gave me opportunities to work on different projects. Throughout those years, I struggled a lot, I had many sleepless nights, and I felt like giving up. But it really helped me a lot to gain more experience and improve my programming skills.

  • KB Tonel Picture KB Tonel Picture

    Kristine Tonel (HR, Finances)

    I'm so blessed to be a part of the Village88 family for more than 7 years now. I'm grateful for the support of everyone from teammates to the management. Village88 allowed me to fulfill not only my dream career-wise but also my mission in this world.

  • Rose Estepular Picture Rose Estepular Picture

    Rosemarie Estepular (Cook)

    I don't have just one child; I now have so many children that call me "Mommy O." It sounds funny, but for me, it's sweet of them to treat me like their mother, too. And as a mother, I'm always happy every time they accomplish their tasks.

  • Jeric Cartas Picture Jeric Cartas Picture

    Jeric Cartas (Software Engineer)

    Village88 is not just an ordinary team, but we are family. If there is one thing that I want to tell anyone who would read this is, "Do not stop dreaming. Life is hard, and there are times that you want to quit, but believe me, there is a reward for everything if you work hard."

  • Mario Narvaez Picture Mario Narvaez Picture

    Mario Narvaez Jr.(Mid Software Engineer)

    The working environment was nice, fun, and, at the same time, encouraging. We realized that there are a lot of things in the IT field that we didn't know yet. Luckily, we are in a place where we can learn and improve our careers and at the same time, be financially stable.

  • Jessie De Leon Picture Jessie De Leon Picture

    Jessie De Leon (Mid Software Engineer)

    I had previous jobs before Village88, but then I felt like I wasn't learning anything from it anymore. That's why I took a change and trained in Village88. It's been five years since then and I'm truly blessed and glad that I have become a part of this wonderful family.

  • Jaybee John Balog Picture Jaybee John Balog Picture

    Jaybee John Balog (Mid Software Engineer)

    Village88 changed my life and helped me become who I am now. I am very thankful that I'm a part of Village88's success. I have been part of the village for almost five years now, and I'm proud to say that I'm making an impact on the team.

  • PJ Padua Picture PJ Padua Picture

    Paul John Padua (Software Engineer)

    I have been working with Village88 for four years and six months. I trained again because I had terrible records due to my work hours. But instead of being frustrated, I took it as a challenge.

  • Erick Cacaam Picture Erick Cacaam Picture

    Erick Caccam (Mid Software Engineer)

    It is hard to be a software engineer, but with the right environment, right people, to be specific, the Village88 family, around me, I am able to enjoy it and be positive for everything because this company gives me the feeling of having a second family.

  • Jerwin Fernandez Picture Jerwin Fernandez Picture

    Jerwin Fernandez (Lead Front-end Engineer)

    My experience in this company these past four years was unforgettable and priceless. They help me grow professionally by honing my skills. Second, they treat me like a family. They respect my ideas and opinions. Lastly, the company helped me become a better person.

  • Christian Casugay Picture Christian Casugay Picture

    Christian Casugay (Mid Software Engineer)

    Working in Village88 is such a blessing to me. There is fun and sometimes hardship, but I really enjoy working here as days passing by. I am thankful that the V88 family helped me grow to be a good developer and a better individual.

  • Poala Christi Guillen Picture Poala Christi Guillen Picture

    Poala Christi Guillen (Admission Officer)

    I am beyond blessed to be a part of this small world full of big minds and hearts, skilled, future leaders, life-changers and world shakers people. Whenever I feel demotivated or is having some hard times, I look back on the memories I made with them.

  • Kaye Aborot Picture Kaye Aborot Picture

    Kaye Adeline Yvette Aborot (Mid Software Engineer)

    In the four years that I've been with VIllage88, I've learned how to deal with different kinds of problems and personalities. Working here has taught me how to use my basic knowledge in coding and made me grow as a developer.

  • Jhaver Gurtiza Picture Jhaver Gurtiza Picture

    Jhaver Jan Gurtiza (Designer, Front-end)

    Every day that I stayed in the office, I always learned something new. I met new friends, they treated me nicely, and they were warm. Village88 is my second family. I'm happy to be part of the village. I will treasure all the experiences and memories here in the village.

  • Demy Balanza Picture Demy Balanza Picture

    Demy Balanza (Front-end Developer)

    I'm thankful to be part of Village88. Thank you for the hard work, and let's continue to make things possible. Without village88, I will not achieve all of this. I salute Michael and John Supsupin for leading us, you guys rock.

  • Majesca Jamon Picture Majesca Jamon Picture

    Majesca Jamon (Admission Officer)

    It's an honor and privilege to be a part of this team. I enjoy working with every single villager whose goal is always to transform the lives of their family and to make a positive impact on the community where they belong.

  • Jones Labrador Picture Jones Labrador Picture

    Jones Labrador (Software Engineer)

    I have been in the village for nearly three years, and I have learned a lot about programming, database design, teamwork, and communication with the team. I gained a lot of self-confidence in every success that I made, but I know that I still need to improve.

  • April Lagasca Picture April Lagasca Picture

    April Jean Lagasca (Bookkeeper)

    It's good to think that this family has been a part of my life already. I consider everyone as my family, and I cannot be more thankful for the decision I made to at least try working in this institution. Cheers for more years in the village!

  • Ryan Guerra Picture Ryan Guerra Picture

    Ryan Kyle Derrick Guerra (Designer)

    Joining Village88 was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. It was hard at the beginning because I haven't had much experience in web design. But luckily, the villagers, especially John and Jhaver helped me improve my design skills and grow as a professional designer.

  • Kassandra Jucutan Picture Kassandra Jucutan Picture

    Kassandra Jucutan (Product Designer)

    I started with close to not knowing anything more than "oh, a website. Okay, bye" to "Hi, team, this is the design." "How's the clickable prototype?" "I'm testing the staging." Comparing my life today from my life before, a used to be a seed is now a fruit-bearing tree.

  • Noemi Balog Picture Noemi Balog Picture

    Noemi Balog (Product Lead)

    Indeed, Jaybee and I have plenty of debt of gratitude for Village88. We got married because of Village88. We got jobs because of Village88. We learned different skills and experienced new things because of Village88. It's true that as Village88 grows, the villagers also grow.

  • Kaizyl Jucutan Picture Kaizyl Jucutan Picture

    Kaizyl Jucutan (Product Lead)

    My experience in the Village taught me that it's not about where you are or what you're doing but who you're with that makes the journey worthwhile. Because of that, one of my goals in life is also to be a blessing to people who will touch my life.

  • Jerryco Ortiz Picture Jerryco Ortiz Picture

    Jerryco Ortiz (Software Engineer)

    I am a year old in the village. I am fond of how every villager treats each other with respect, the culture we have in the village, and how hard everyone works in each task assigned to them. I'm thankful for my trainers, they've been great examples to me. I'm grateful to every villager.

  • Stan Bernie Nudo Picture Stan Bernie Nudo Picture

    Stan Bernie Nudo (Front-end Developer)

    The way to Village88 was not easy. I have to be trained for almost a year without pay. Every task during my training was always under time pressure. But I learned a lot and improved my programming skills as an IT graduate.

  • Lorilie Culaton Picture Lorilie Culaton Picture

    Lorilie Culaton (Accounting Assistant)

    I have been working in Village88 for a year now, and I must say this job has given me good opportunities, and as days go by, it also helps me improve my skills and broadens my horizon not just as an employee but also as an individual.

  • Ruelito Ytac Picture Ruelito Ytac Picture

    Ruelito Ytac (Front-end Developer)

    My Experience in Village88 they taught me how to design a web UI/UX in 3 months. In my training journey for designing they also taught me how to code. I'm very thankful to village that I've learned a lot and Improved my designing and programming skills.

  • Karen Igcasan Picture Karen Igcasan Picture

    Karen Igcasan (Trainer)

    During pandemic, the door is closing for my ambition to be a trainer. But when I discovered Village88, they equipped me with both the right technical and soft skills so that I can be effective trainer. I'm blessed to be in my ideal company. Thank you Village88!

  • Ernest Perez Picture Ernest Perez Picture

    Ernest Perez (Marketing Director)

    Last year, I was happily engaged in my own entrepreneurial journey when I revisited my ultimate must haves for a company to join at. I listed these 1. Visionary leadership that pursues vision aggressively 2. A learning organization not afraid to commit mistakes and take risks to get to the next big thing. 3. A brand that values its people above all else. I found all these in Village 88, and each day I feel more and more that I am right where I should be.

Special Members of the Village 88 from Ulu Ventures

  • Miriam Rivera Picture Miriam Rivera Picture

    Miriam Rivera

    Miriam Rivera is co-founder and managing director of Ulu Ventures, an early seed stage venture fund in Silicon Valley focused on IT startups.

  • Clint Korver Picture Clint Korver Picture

    Clint Korver

    Clint Korver is co-founder and managing director of Ulu Ventures, a seed stage venture firm investing in enterprise IT, FinTech, and startups by diverse founders.